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In energy deregulated states, businesses have the right to choose lower electricity and natural gas supply rates. All it takes to save money on your energy costs, and help your bottom line, is taking 5 or so minutes to shop energy rates here at EnergyPriceChoice.com. Our rates are among the most competitive in the business. With all that extra money saved on your energy costs, how will you invest the savings?  The free, simple process will take you step by step to find the best-fixed rates. Get your most recent utility bill ready and click the button above to shop for better energy rates.




It's a Free and Reliable Service


Energy Price Choice will never charge your business for our services. Our client-focused service may be free but never cut-rate on finding your business the best possible energy rates. With strict deregulation laws in place, you can be sure that no matter who supplies your power, your energy service will be dependable and reliable.  You won't have any downtime or interruptions in your service at all. The switch to a new supplier is seamless. So why pay more for the same energy?


Saves Time and Money


We understand that time is money and most of us are short on time. So why not let us save you time by showing you the best options available in an easy, streamlined process. Our energy providers offer multiple competitive rates and different program options that will fit what your business energy needs.  On average our small business clients save over $1000 annually! Savings are based on your annual energy usage. The more energy you use, the more money you save!

Have More Than One Location?


If you have multiple locations you would like to bundle to save even more on your energy costs or you have a business that uses more than 1 million kWh or 3000 MCF annually, you qualify for a free personal custom consultation. Click on the button on the right and fill out the form to have one of our experienced representatives contact you within 1 business day.

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