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What is Energy Deregulation?

Welcome to the first Energy Price Choice™ blog post. If you are looking to save money on your gas and electric bill, you came to the right site. Click the links above to get started saving money on your utility bills for free. If you came to learn more about energy, then you also came to the right place. In this blog entry and future installments, we will help you navigate the waters of what can be a complex energy industry.

Energy Price Choice™ can help you get lower energy because of deregulation. Energy deregulation has brought competition to the energy industry, driving cost down, but what is energy deregulation? What does it mean for you? Does it affect energy service? How can you benefit from energy deregulation? The following can answer those questions for you.

What is Energy Regulation?

Energy prices remain regulated in many areas across North America. This means that the energy rates and all the processes that get the electricity and natural gas to homes and businesses, is controlled by a governing body. Only the local utility company has the power to sell directly to the consumer. The government or the utility company set the price for electric and natural gas supply and the distribution channels for delivery. Because of this monopoly, consumers have no choice when it comes to their energy provider.

What is Energy Deregulation?

Many states and provinces throughout North America are deregulated. This has allowed competitive energy suppliers to enter the energy market. The suppliers now have the ability to provide a variety of choices for electricity and natural gas service and rates. The energy rates are not controlled by the utility company or the government. Instead the pricing is controlled by the market. The consumer gets the freedom to choose where they receive their energy supply. This competition drives the costs down and the savings go to the consumer.

What Does It Mean for You?

Besides the lower energy rate, not much changes for you. The utility company is still responsible for the distribution of the electricity and natural gas to your homes and businesses, regardless of the energy supplier. The price for the electricity and natural gas supply is not set by the same utility company. You can now choose who you want to supply the energy to your local utility company. In most cases, your current local utility will still bill you. In some areas, you can choose to pay the supplier separately.

Does it Affect Your Service?

Your neighborhood utility company would still provide the power distribution and services. Where the utility company gets the power from is of little consequence. You still get the same uninterrupted energy service, just a lower, more competitive rate on the supply. Same service, better rate.

How Can You Benefit from Energy Deregulation?

Finding a supplier for your energy can be a daunting task. If you were to go to the supplier directly, you will not get the best price available. If you go directly to a hotel to get a room, do you get same price you would if you had went to websites like Priceline™ and Expedia™? What if the hotel down the street has more amenities and a lower rate per night? How would you know? Are you going to go to each hotel on the block and compare each rate before rate? That seems a bit tedious, but if you did not shop for a room first, you most likely would be missing out on substantial savings. The same thing applies to your energy supply. That’s where companies like Energy Price Choice™ and H. P. Technologies, Inc. come in. These companies will do all the leg work for you and take the tedious out of getting lower energy rates. We will compare and negotiate the best possible price from multiple suppliers. This greatly benefits you because suppliers compete to supply your energy causing substantial savings for you.

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