Please have your most recent utility bill with you to help you through the process.

What is Energy Price Choice?

EnergyPriceChoice.com is an online energy marketplace that allows homeowners, renters, and small businesses to shop natural gas and electricity plans in an unbiased, informative, easy to use, and reliable environment. Our energy suppliers compete for your electricity and natural gas supply business.

Our site instantly finds the best offers from millions of daily prices. All our customers don't pay us a penny. We have absolutely no hidden costs. Energy Price Choice is confident we can save you money on your utilities.

Our simple, results-oriented approach gives you:

1.  Access to one of the most extensive group of national energy supply companies in the nation.

2.  Greater energy savings than what you can negotiate on your own.

3.  Expert advice throughout the energy procurement process.

4.  An analysis of your current purchase terms and past energy usage.

5.  Simple supplier cost and program comparisons that best match your energy requirements.