Please have your most recent utility bill with you to help you through the process.

Energy Price Choice How To Guide

EnergyPriceChoice.com leads you through the search to find a lower energy prices and then to sign up to purchase the energy. The process is so easy and simple that you probably will not need the information below. This is just to answer any question that may arise as you go through the sign up process.

Have your utility bill with you to complete the sign up process.

Step 1: Enter your zip code in the designated box and click on the "Submit Your Zip" button.

Step 2: Check residential or commercial and click the "Next Question" button.

Step 3: Check electric or gas. You can sign up for either or both.  After you choose one in step 6, you can come back and look at the prices for the other. Click the "Next Question" button.

Step 4: Choose your utility from the drop down box if the utility company shown is not yours. Click on the "Next Question" button.

Step 5: Choose when you want to start your new service. It will automatically show you the next available start date. 

              Step 5a: Skip this step if you chose "Residential" in Step 2. Business pricing is based on energy usage tiers and rate classes. Enter in the annual usage from your utility bill. Click "Next Question".

              Step 5b: Choose from the available rate classes from the drop down. You can find examples of where to find your rate class by clicking on the link "Click here" next to the drop down.

Step 6: Offers will appear and you can choose the price and contract length that works best for you. Compare the offers with the price listed on your utility bill to see how much you will save. Click on the "Sign Up" button.

Step 7:  Click on the "Accept Offer" to move forward.

Step 8: Review the information in your cart. Read the terms and conditions. Click on the box next to the "Confirm" button to accept the terms and conditions.

Step 9:  Fill out the information fields including the electric and/or gas account information found on your utility bill (account number, customer number, meter number, etc.)

Step 10: To process the deal, energy suppliers need a copy of your most current utility bill. Scan or take a very clear picture of your utility bill. Click the "Choose Files" button to upload your utility bill. If you are using a smartphone, you can take a photo and upload it to the information page. If you don't have a scanner and are using a PC, take a clear picture with your phone and email it to yourself. From there, you can download it and upload it to the site.

Step 11: Sign the form in the box at the bottom using the mouse if you are using a computer or a stylus or your finger on a smartphone. Click "Submit".

Step 12: Review the information to ensure it is correct. If everything looks right, click the "Confirm" button. You will be taken to a thank you page and receive a confirmation email to the email address you provided. The last thing to do is to enjoy the savings!

If you need any help through the process, email support@energypricechoice.com